The Popularity of Gender Reveal Parties: Hosting a Party at Baby’s Premiere

The popularity of gender reveal parties has grown tremendously over the past couple of years. In 2008, the first baby reveal party was uploaded to YouTube and in 2009 and 2010, only a handful followed (Source). However, between November 2011 and April 2012 over 1,800 gender reveal videos were shared on the popular video website.

Why have gender reveal parties gained so much popularity in recent years?

For one thing, couples say they are a great way to incorporate the entire family into the event. Since today’s “share all” generation would be posting the information to Facebook or Instagram, why not throw a party and make it really memorable? Others say it is just a nice way to share the experience with those you love and not just some stranger in a cold medical facility.

Gender Reveal Party Ideas

There are tons of gender reveal party ideas on various websites, including the ever popular Pinterest. Some of the most popular ones include giving the baby’s gender to a close friend or family member and having he or she fill a box with blue or pink balloons. The expectant parents then open the box together and find out their baby’s sex, along with everyone else at the party, based off of the color of the balloons. Another popular gender reveal is having your 3D ultrasound technician call a specified bakery with the gender of your baby so that a cake, cupcakes or even cookies can be made with a special pink or blue filling to let you know whether you are expecting a daughter or son. Many Etsy shops have even popped up selling various decorations or knickknacks to use for the big gender reveal. Everything from invitations to napkins to lollipops can be bought to help make the day that much more special.

Baby’s Premiere 3D Ultrasound Party Packages

3D Ultrasound Image

3D ultrasounds in NJ have seen a huge increase in couples throwing gender reveal parties or gender reveal baby showers. One technician said that she has increasingly had to turn off the big screen in her office when getting to the part where you can discern the baby’s gender (Source) due to the increase in couples hosting gender reveal parties.

So whether you are looking for a 3D Ultrasound in Maywood, NJ that just lets you check up on your sweet little one or a new way to throw a gender reveal party, let us help you! We have all sorts of ultrasound and party packages available and look forward to helping you continue growing your bond with your baby.