Why Should You Consider a 3D Ultrasound?

Being pregnant is such an amazing gift and with the availability of 3D Ultrasounds, you can make your pregnancy even more memorable. A 3D Ultrasound is a great way to see your unborn child up close and personal. Long gone are the days of wonder and anticipation of giving birth in order to determine the gender of your baby and who he or she looks like. With today’s technology you can see your baby boy or girl before he or she even exits your womb. Does he have his daddy’s nose? Mommy’s lips? Well, you can actually see all those things, and more, when viewing your baby through a 3D Ultrasound.

3D Ultrasounds really show just how far technology has come. Even as recent as 10 years ago you probably were not given an ultrasound unless there was a cause for concern during your pregnancy. Nowadays, however, women are given ultrasounds quite frequently during a pregnancy in order to see how the baby is growing, make sure the estimated due date is correct and, if the couple chooses to, learn the gender of their unborn baby. Having the ability to see your baby and know how he or she is doing really helps to ease your mind as a parent and makes you feel that much more connected. This is especially true for the fathers because they don’t get to experience the pregnancy the same way the mother does.

When you see your baby for the first time, it truly is a magical experience and one that everyone looks forward to after finding out they are pregnant. 3D Ultrasounds are even more special than the 2D Ultrasounds that most OBGYN’s continue to use because they really allow you to see the details of what your baby looks like. They also allow you to hear your baby’s heartbeat and really encourage parents because they help build up the excitement they are already feeling that much more. By seeing little Johnny or Sally’s face, parents are really able to build that connection because they know there actually is a little person growing inside there. 3D Ultrasounds just make the experience that much more intimate and real. Plus, they are fun because once your baby is born, you can compare his or her photo to the ultrasound pictures you had taken while in utero and see how much they really did show! Isn’t technology amazing?