Can a 3D Ultrasound Reduce Postpartum Depression?

Ultrasound technology has given women a safe way to view their unborn child for over 30 years now. Women today are even luckier than they were 20 years ago though because now there is 3D and 4D technology available that allows the mother (and family) to really put a face to their unborn child. The imaging technology available today is so detailed that you can see if your baby is yawning, smiling, sucking his or her thumb, the definition of the baby’s nose, and so much more!
3D Ultrasound Image

Can This Technology Reduce Levels of Postpartum Depression?

Consequently, with all of the incredible details that can be seen through 3D and 4D ultrasounds many are wondering if this ultrasound technology has the ability to reduce postpartum depression. In fact, a few studies have been completed and others are currently under way to try and prove just that. In 2001, a study was completed in Australia that compared the effects of an ultrasound on the mother’s bond with her baby. Those women who were given a 3D ultrasound opposed to a 2D ultrasound seemed to have a much greater connection with their baby after birth. The study found that 70% of mothers receiving 3D ultrasounds felt they knew their baby right after birth because of the images they had previously seen verses 56% of mothers who received 2D ultrasounds ( That study also found that 82% of mothers who received a 3D ultrasound formed a mental image of their unborn child after a screening verses only 39% of those who received a 2D ultrasound.

Does a 3D Ultrasound Eliminate Postpartum Depression?

So does that mean if you get a 3D ultrasound while pregnant you won’t suffer from postpartum depression? Not necessarily. Postpartum depression happens for many different reasons and it can become present while pregnant or at any time within the first year after giving birth. Many more studies need to be completed before we can truly know whether or not a 3D ultrasound affects postpartum depression. What we do know though is that having a 3D ultrasound enables you to truly connect with your baby long before he or she is born. Particularly, if your pregnancy was a surprise or you don’t have a lot of support, seeing your baby’s face and heartbeat on the screen may help you have a clearer picture of the person you are carrying inside you and make you feel better about becoming a mother.

No matter your reason for having a 3D ultrasound, we would love to be a part of your journey. So call or email us today and we will schedule your appointment so you can truly start bonding with your baby!